We help you by fully protecting your IT assets with our comprehensive range of Software Escrow Software-as- a-Service (SaaS), Escrow Consulting, and Design Escrow Verification solutions.
With Software-Escrow agreements you can now protect your intellectual property rights for software owners while ensuring the long-term availability of business critical systems for end users. Software Escrow Agreements are used to ensure continued use of critical business systems, they mitigate the risks that are inherent when an organization relies on third party technology vendors.The software source code is released to the licensee if the licensor fails or otherwise fails to maintain and update the software are specified in the software license agreement.


By arranging a software escrow agreement, you are taking responsibility for your business continuity and ensuring that the systems you rely on are always available. There may be circumstances when you reasonably want access to the source code and documentation for your business critical application and an escrow agreement will give you that access.


Smoother negotiations
Establishes confidence by addressing the concerns of the prospective licensees (those concerns may be unspoken)
Safe storage of source code and other materials with one company instead of scattered across multiple customers


The ability and legal right to maintain, update and enhance mission critical software
Reduced chance of significant interruption of, or damage to, its business
Eliminate concerns regarding the software vendor’s capabilities
Business continuity

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