Software Escrow provides Web-based account management and incorporates chain-of-custody best practices. A client knows that any deposit is being safely stored and is easily monitored. Security is key, and it must be part of the entire process, from the storage of the assets to the procedures for access and retrieval. We at Software escrow take care of your data and provide security to data. At the same time you can ensure you have a business continuity plan. For online data, We ensure that your date is not transmitted over the Internet unencrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals


The levels of escrow security include:

  • Deposit security, which tracks the chain of custody from the time of receipt to the release of the deposit. A vendor encrypts and transfers electronic media deposits using secure transfer protocols.
  • Storage and facility security, which prevents unauthorized access to storage vaults. A professional escrow service provider will store all escrow media and documents at secure offsite facilities.
  • Deposit retrieval security, which establishes ground rules for the release of escrowed materials. Storage administrators won’t move the materials from their storage location until they complete a comprehensive internal review and material inventory.