Most organizations are dependent on third party supplied software applications or business processes to run their day-to-day operations. However, depending on third parties to always be around to support and maintain your business critical software applications brings about a high element of risk.

An escrow solution is a simple and effective arrangement which is specifically designed to minimize this risk and protect the interests of all parties involved.

An escrow arrangements provides the protection and assurance that your source code is accessible. However it cannot guarantee that the building blocks required to continually maintain and support business critical application have been captured

Software verification assurance the quality of the source code behind your vital application providing assurance that should you ever need to recreate your business critical process or application from the original source code, you will have all the knowledge and guidance to do so.

A common solution is for the software vendor to place the source code in the hands of a specialist third-party – the software escrow services business. That business retains the source code and releases it to you under circumstances pre-agreed in an escrow agreement which both you and the software vendor sign. The software vendor knows you do not get access to the source code without good reason. You know you get access to the source code should you really need to. The escrow business meets a market need by providing the 3rd-party escrow service.

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End users are assured that they will be able to take over the maintenance and reconstitution of their source code if necessary. Software suppliers can use verification to reassure their customers and demonstrate their commitment to best practice.