In Cloud Computing Most Popular module preferred by user is SaaS (Software as a Service Module) still there is a risk if the vendor fails to meet the terms of the license agreement or got bankrupt or we in general terms if closed the business. SaaS escrow Agreement comes in action the escrow agreement ensures that application and data is still accessible to the SaaS user.

The two very important components to all SaaS solutions are Application and the Data.

Both of which must be protected to make any escrow solutions viable.


The Application

Although Cloud Provider provides data recovery option some time to recover data you may require operational software components. And Source codes are required to make changes in application while redeployment in new hosting environment.

To complete redeployment process in less time we offer replication or virtualization of source code. If required you can use virtual disk & install in the environment. This will create a running environment using the source code.

The Data

The solution for the data involves taking a full copy of the database on a weekly basis accompanied by daily differential backups which are held until the next full back up. The differential backups are deleted once a successful full backup has been received.

The full database will be stored tapes wise so only ever holding the latest three deposited databases in compressed format. All data deposits will be encrypted using a PGP key to maintain a level of security expected by the client.